<% if Request.Form.Count > 0 then oRS.Open "SELECT id, correct FROM UBG_QuizQuestions WHERE quizid=" & int(Request.QueryString("id")), oConn, 0, 1, 1 correct = 0 total = 0 do while not oRS.EOF if oRS("correct") = Request.Form("q_" & oRS("id")) then correct = correct + 1 end if total = total + 1 oRS.MoveNext loop if correct = total then %>

Well done!

You got all <%=total%> correct!

<% else %>

You got <%=correct%> out of <%=total%> correct!

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<% end if else sqlStr = "SELECT quizid, id, rank, question, answer_a, answer_b, answer_c FROM UBG_QuizQuestions WHERE quizid=" &_ "(SELECT TOP 1 id FROM UBG_Quiz WHERE dtgstart<=getdate() ORDER BY dtgstart DESC) ORDER BY rank" oRS.Open sqlStr, oConn, 0, 1, 1 %>
Do you know everything there is to know about children's books? Try our quiz and find out! <%do while not oRS.EOF%>

<%=oRS("rank")%>. <%=oRS("question")%>
<% oRS.MoveNext loop %> Click here to see how many you got right.
<%end if%>

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